Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Art of Purposeful Storytelling

Dear ladies,

Listening to a good story is always fascinating.
It can bring you to different worlds, open new perspectives, new dreams.

Storytelling is a powerful and efficient tool to deliver your message.
It helps to motivate and engage people with you and your objectives.

Peter Guber, former CEO and chairman of Sony Pictures, and 
active chairman and CEO of the Mandalay Entertainment Group, explains why storytelling is so important when it comes to attracting and connecting to your audience.
Take a few minutes to watch this video from Harvard Business Review.
Sit back and enjoy it.

The Art of Purposeful Storytelling



  1. Thank you for sharing Tulia.
    Indeed, very interesting video, and very useful!
    As an inexperienced VP Membership of Prestigious Speakers Club in Barcelona, I will take the advice into consideration when talking about our club and encouraging people to join us.
    So, let's be authentic, let’s tell to win!

    1. Thank you for your comments Anne.
      More to come.