Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Find your balance and aim high!

With the New Year come the resolutions.

For most of us it is the time when we look back and check how much we have achieved, what is still missing, and what we could do better during the upcoming year.

For the past five years, at this time of the year, I have taken the time to write down what I wanted to achieve the following year, and which areas of my live needed improvement! I usually divide my wishing list in four areas – following the teachings of one of my ‘indirect mentors’, Stephen R. Covey – called the four dimensions of life: body, mind, heart and spirit.

Stephen says, these four areas are interconnected; therefore in order to achieve our goals successfully we would have to think on them considering each of those areas and aim for the balance amongst them. This is the only way our goals will be sustainable; which means we can achieve now, later, and even later.

Finding the balance will impact the totality of our lives, our ability to think, to give and receive love, our sense of our own worth, our value as a human being. It will enhance our own potential; it will develop awareness, self-awareness; integrity.

And, integrity equals integrated which equals connected. Once we are connected with our own self, once we develop self-awareness we will be able to perceive that everything around us is interconnected, and so are we. And a new and amazing world will unfold around us.

We all have dreams, we want to achieve many things, but it all starts with action and one step after the other. Take a pen and a notebook and begin writing down your goals, not only for 2013 but for your life, thinking of you in each of these four areas, and what you want to improve and achieve in each of them. For instance:

- Body: to become healthier

- Mind: to be a constant learner

- Heart: to nurture our relationships

- Spirit: to serve and contribute

Enjoy doing it. Think of everything you know you deserve. Find your balance, aim high and go for it! Remember, every journey starts with the first step. Dreams only become reality with action!

Create your Private Victories! You are the creative force of your own life.

Wishing you a wonderful and happily balanced life.


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