Friday, 1 November 2013

What lies beyond...

"Once you conquer your fear of death you'll then be able live fully."

I don't know about you, but I always thought we are here in this planet for a reason, and that we have a "mission". I don't think we just happen to be here somehow and that one day we die and all is over. If that is so, to me it sounds a bit of waste of time and energy.

If I'm going to live just to die one day and that is it, why bother then? Why bother to learn, to improve, to grow, to become a better person, to give, to share...
If all we have is live and die, our existence in this planet would be more like been on holidays, no commitment, no giving, no engagement, just take, take, take.

Since early age it never made real sense to me that we die and that is it. If we look at nature for instance, in nature everything is somehow reborn. Living creatures die to give life to others, things change and transcend their matter to serve in another level of their existence; and why not we?

This is a subject that always fascinated me. The "mystery" around it, the many open questions on "what happen to us when we die?" The golden question! Life after death; reincarnation; discontinuity, continuity and all the derivations and deviations, are attractive subjects to me, even when sometimes they can also make me feel uncomfortable due to my lack of knowledge and higher understanding.

Unfortunately, in our Western culture death is seen like a "curse". Many people don't even want to mention its name to "avoid" it, at all cost! Trying to avoid the inevitable sounds a bit "delusional", doesn't it?

However, once we believe we are here for a purpose and that we have a mission - which I truly and fully believe - we can't keep pretending to be on holidays all the time, leading a passive existence, can we? We have to take responsibility over our actions, and to me, that is our first step towards getting in good terms with death.

Once we do that, we start living fully, and when we live fully we enjoy the moment and have no regrets because we stop the blaming patterns and internalize that life is about experience, is about being active, is about taking decisions, it is about taking the leadership of our own destiny in our own hands through our daily actions.

With that, when comes the day when Death knocks our door, we will open it to her with ease and in peace. Having the peace of mind and spirit of knowing that we lived this life with integrity to our values and beliefs and did our job the best we could, and instead of trying to run away from her, we will then extend our hand and let her take us and guide us to whatever place is the continuity of our own journey...

In memory of all beloved ones who are now in a different dimension.

I leave you here with Deepak Chopra and his insights.

Live and love fully.


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