Thursday, 12 December 2013

I want this, or better than this!

One of the "mantras" in the Silva Method meditation is "I want this or better than this!"

The principle behind it is that the Universe is abundant; there is more that enough available for everyone! The only thing we need to do is...ASK!
We are the only ones creating barriers in our own path; the ones who don't believe we can achieve that much, go that far, dream that high....

Today I came across this video from an airline company, WestJet, where the company decided to organise a Xmas surprise to their passengers.

What happened was unbelievable! I wish I was there! :-)

However, it reminded me the Silva Method mantra, and I asked myself, "would I have known what to ask for if I had been in that situation?" 

It really made me to be aware that from now on I'll make sure I'm present when opportunities knock my door, and won't forget to add to my requests "I want this, or better than this!"

Merry Xmas to you.


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