Wednesday, 5 February 2014

The Midas Touch…

There was a time in my life where I had a sort of “Midas Touch” enchantment.

Everything I decided to do, everything I decided to pursue was successful and brought golden benefits in return.

I knew I was admired, and envied, by many different people, and that made me feel somehow powerful and proud.

Time passed and my Midas Touch stopped working. No matter how good I thought my ideas were, no matter how much I tried to put them in practice, they seemed not to work, neither to bring the benefits I was used to receive in return in similar occasions in the past.

I got lost! I was desperate! And instead of taking the time to understand the “whys” and maybe design different strategies, I just keep going and forcing my way in the same direction. The result, emotional and psychological injuries that led to a deep fall… and I can tell you that the hole was quite deep…

I started reading everything that would fall in my hands that I believed could help me to get over that moment and find new ways to stand back on my feet again. However... I was too proud to reach anyone for help. A mistake.

In one of those moments down the hole, I remember reading an article about a diver who almost drowned. She told the interviewer that she was in the deep ocean when she realised she couldn’t get up to the surface. She started fighting over it and the more she fought, the more she drowned... She fought up to the extent of exhaustion, then she had to let it go... That was it, the end. 

However, for her surprise, the spot where she was located was not as deep as she thought and she managed to hit the ground and with that she could leverage her little remaining strength and push herself up to the surface.

And she concluded the article saying something like “sometimes in life you have to let it go, hit the ground, to find the strength to get up to the surface again…”

That was it! That was the message I needed to hear. From that moment on, instead of fighting against the situation I was in, I let myself go into it and tried to understand what was around me, and tried to assess what were my possibilities and strengths and, most importantly, what weaknesses I could leverage into power. I then allowed myself to feel all the emotions around me without judgment. More as an observant. Not an easy task I must say. 

Some of those emotions were really painful, physically painful even. The feeling of failure, the feeling of loss, can be physically painful, trust me. However, facing them was the only way I could then understand why and how I let myself fall in such a deep hole. But also had to concentrate on the strengths I had and that could help me to find my way up to the surface again.

It was a painful process. I wouldn't say it was the best that could’ve have happened to me, for my personal growth, as many people do when they hit the ground. (I wished I didn't have to go through such a painful experience.) However, I would say, YES it was necessary for my growth! Some people don't go through such process because they have a different path, or made better decisions throughout their journey.

But, in my case, it was needed to make me realise that, as King Midas, I was able to transform many things into gold but that was not what it was necessary for my happiness and richness in file. 

Most of the things I was building were standing in sand. They didn't have a solid foundation, they didn't have a ground, and in many cases they even lacked essence, they lacked the real me on them. Therefore they were not sustainable. 

It is always great to be an achiever! It gives you confidence and a sense of power. But power without a strong set of values and principles, will eventually fall apart. Power comes from within, not from outside.

Although I always considered myself very spiritual, it was only then that I realised that I was disconnected from my own self. Since when? If I recall life events, I would probably be able to find the "when", but that was not what the main point was. The important thing was to get back in touch and build again the connection with my inner self, my inner power. 

This process has been going on for almost 6 years now. Quite a long process you might say. Not really. In fact, it is a life time process! And I’m allowing myself to live every moment of it. It is just now that I can feel that my Midas Touch is starting coming back, however, in a very different way. I know that the treasures I will create from now on will shine beyond matter. And that is what I’m up too, and that is what I believe is my mission.

A person who I recently met, who I can already address as a friend, told me the other day “Tulia, it is always one step after the other but... let it shine!”

How wonderful!


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